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As of January 26, Beverly Van Pelt and I are the new Artistic Direction and Management Team at Paper Wing Theatre Fremont!

Power Couple Sees Bright Future in Paper Wing Fremont 
January 30, 2015 

MONTEREY, CA – Locally owned Paper Wing Theatre Company announced this week that its Fremont location is welcoming Patrick Golden and Beverly Van Pelt as the new Artistic Direction and Management team. In their roles, they will focus on building on the Paper Wing brand in its Fremont location with stage plays, dramatic readings, music events, other artistic expressions, and day-to-day management.

This power couple sees a bright future in Paper Wing Fremont. Just as theater companies around the Monterey Peninsula struggle to stay open, Paper Wing is positioned to capture new and established audiences who are searching for more of an experience. Golden and Van Pelt see the small Fremont venue, 39 seats, as the right platform for a subtle blend of “experiential” and “immersive” theater. “It almost can’t be helped.” says Van Pelt, “The audience is practically on the stage with the actors so we want to embrace that.” This is right on trend with community theaters around the US and London where breaking the fourth wall is continually experimented with. 

Being immersed in the experience can be a dodgy thing, but this daring duo says they’re up to the challenge and the trick is to create a natural feeling environment while gaining the audiences’ trust.  An example of that from last year is Paper Wing Fremont’s successful Dramatic Read Thru Series wherein Golden and Van Pelt were regularly cast to read. Part of the production was the face-to-face feedback from the audience.  

Building on that insight, Golden and Van Pelt are directing an audience-friendly experience with their original adaptation of THE EGO MACHINE, a Sci Fi / Identity Comedy set in 1952. With a small cast and limited set changes, it opens up the possibilities for bringing the audience into the story. “The audience is part of a Time Travel component of the story.” says Golden with a grin. “The audience doesn’t have to do anything, but they’re still part of the plot.” The play is set to open Friday, March 20th.


Originally a short story by Henry Kuttner, and published in the magazine Space Science Fiction in 1952, Patrick Golden and Beverly Van Pelt have written an original adaptation and are directing the production at Paper Wing Fremont. 

A playwright is the unwitting subject of a social experiment when a Robot from the future arrives at a Hollywood studio to conduct an ecological test. What could possibly go wrong? 

Show runs on Fridays and Saturdays, March 20th-April 18th.


About Patrick Golden and Beverly Van Pelt 
Golden and Van Pelt met 18 years ago in the Teledramatic Arts & Technology Dept at California State University, Monterey Bay. Patrick is a musician, actor, voice talent, director, writer, and graphic artist.  Beverly is a costume and fashion designer, director, actor, voice talent, film maker, writer, and artist. They are married and have one son, Dane, who is also in theater.

The couple began working with Paper Wing Theatre when Golden was cast as Macbeth in 2013’s production of The Tragedy of Macbeth. Shortly after, Van Pelt came in as costumer designer for the play.  Since then, they have been acting, providing costume and graphic design work, and promoting events for the Theatre. 
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About Paper Wing Fremont 
Paper Wing Theatre Company came to the area roughly 15 years ago, and acquired the Fremont location in February, 2014. Co-owners are Koly McBride and Lloyd Brewer. Patrick Golden and Beverly Van Pelt head up Artistic Direction and Management. 

Paper Wing Fremont is located in Monterey at 2115 North Fremont Street next to Denny's.   
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Twelfth Night at Paper Wing Theatre, Monterey

Opening December 12 and continuing Fridays and Saturdays through January 3!

Starring myself as Sir Toby Belch and my lovely wife Beverly Van Pelt as Maria (who also costumed the show!)