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My wife and I have recently embarked on new careers--albeit ones for which we are ideally suited and at which we should've been hard at work all along.

We are audiobook narrators. Our work is now featured on and I won't go into great detail now about how we came about our work. Suffice it to say, it's been a long time coming.

Meanwhile, you can purchase our first works here. And we will thank you, whoever you are.

More will follow...




H.R. Giger - Like tears in rain... artist that had a profound impact on the way I look at the world has died. And he died accidentally...not because he just...expired. But because he fell down a flight of stairs. Chaos has struck again.

H.R. Giger -- I remember sneaking a copy of his "Alien" coffee table book into English class in high school and feeling ever-so-profane for looking at...whatever the hell it was I was looking at (sometimes, it was quite hard to tell...other times...not at all.)

Strange, surreal, erotic, vulgar, disgusting, beautiful, mixing science fiction, sex, and violence in bleak monochrome. Everything a growing boy could want. Unfortunately, I can't post my favorite piece of his here (or even my next favorite, or the one beyond that, or the several others on that list)...because I'd probably get banned from Facebook (like my dear friend Vlad Quigley who has made a career of it ) ...but it's a piece called "Pump Excursion." A lot of times in my life, I felt like the guy in that picture. Look it'll see what I mean. (Suffice it to say...probably Not Safe For Work...).

For the record, I will always pronounce it "GAI-ger"...because pronouncing it "GEE-ger" is for the real cognoscenti...and for the hipsters who knew about GEE-ger before it was cool. (Here's a tip...he was ALWAYS cool. It's YOU that had to catch up.)

Cheers to the Nightmare Fuel
H.R. Giger -- Rest in Biomechanical Pieces